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Canon EOS 1D Mark II Review

The latest member in addition to the Canon Series 1 line of fast cameras is the EOS 1D Mark II. It is very compact like it is made from a block of a solid element. It is excellently manufactured, durable and full of amazing features. Aside from its impressive external attributes, it also produces astonishing image qualities.

The Mark II has a rubbery touch to it and a smoother rough texture that keeps the hand from sliding especially when sweaty. Canon also restyled the memory card latch making it effortless to open especially if one is wearing something on the hand like a glove. Another remarkable feature of this camera is that data will not be lost or ruined just in case the door for the card is opened while data is being written. It will continue writing after closing the back of the cover. The viewfinder on the EOS 1D Mark II is not that clear and huge like its predecessors because of the chip that is 1.3x tinier compared to full frame.

This fast camera can work with more than 50 Canon lenses. Canon lenses are noted for their excellent image quality, made and dependability. The back portion of the camera is where the viewfinder is found which levels to the eye and delivers a coverage of 100%. To prevent light from coming in the event of selftimer and long shutter exposures, the eyepiece shutter lever is there which is situated just on the right side. Same thing on the rear part of the camera is the 2 inch LCD that allows for viewing images and infiltrating the system of the menus.

The LCD screen of the Mark II is clearer and more brilliant compared with its predecessors. The ability to zoom images while reviewing without the use of the Personal Function setting required by previous models is now an available feature on this camera. The screen is quick to show a reviewed image since it takes around less than a second from shooting.

Also at the back, viewing starting from top to end, is the button for protect/unprotect image as well as voice annotation, Menu for accessing the menu system, the Select button, Display for playback mode, the button for Memory Card Select/Magnify. Buttons below the screen are the Delete, Change image quality, White Balance as well as White Balance Bracketing. On the other hand, the Quick Control dial including the on/off switch is to the right of the screen. Under that is the Power switch. The four-holed microphone is to the left of the power switch.

Speaking of performance, the Canon EOS 1D Mark II has an eminent shooting speed paired with a colossal image size.This amazing camera is capable of 8.5 frames per second and up to 40 frames if the JPG mode is extensive and excellent. If it is in RAW mode, the camera can take 20 frames. This is a lot quicker as compared with some Canon models like the Canon 1D considering that its chip resolution is half of that of the Mark II delivers. This camera also has an advanced speed for the data to be moved to the CF card. It has an increase of 50% with a briskness of 5MB per second. Canon also took advantage of the Digic, this is a second hand generation proprietary component chip. With the Digic, the speed of data processing is much faster and data can progress from the chip going through the 8 simultaneous channels. Canon's achievement in manufacturing a camera that can take shots that does have large files with speeds that are both excellent and dashing is not that notable.

The Canon EOS 1D Mark II has an autofocus processor much faster as compared with its predecessor, 1D. After taking a shot with an approximate of one thousand frames on the spot, tailing a fast moving subject. There are times that the camera would focus on infinity instead of focusing on the subject. However, this can be aided by reducing the point amount of the autofocus.

This camera has a 1.3x chip that can take less bigger than full frame. It features a Canon styled and made 8x Megapixel CMOS chip with a size of 28.7 x 19.1 mm and there are 8.2 microns for each pixel making even lower noise. The purple fringing on the images are extremely reduced because of the presence of bigger microlenses on the CMOS chip that have spaces between them and has less size than those of the Mark II's predecessors.

The flash metering of this camera has been boosted due the the E-TTL II thus, flash exposures look very satisfactorily exposed. However for colors blue, greens and pastels, they look pleasing. It lacked accuracy if referring to the warm ends. Colors red are feeble and the oranges are saturation-deficient. Yellow seems pale yet all of these can be fixed by customizing. Overall, image quality is satisfactory.

Canon EOS 1D Mark II Sample Image 1

Canon EOS 1D Mark II Sample Image 2


-approximately 8.20 megapixels effective resolution
-2.0 inches TFT color LCD screen
-with high sensitivity/resolution CMOS sensor
-capable of JPEG and RAW format
-E-TTL II autoflash with EX-series Speedlite


-very fast shooting performance
-customizable settings
-supports cards higher than 2GB


-bulky and heavy
-apparent noise in underexposed image areas
-flaws show when coupled with low- quality lenses


The Canon EOS 1D Mark II camera is best suited for photographers who are enthusiasts of sports, wildlife or any fast moving subjects and events what with its notably high shooting speed performance. This camera is just so responsive.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Lowest Price: Amazon for $5999.95.
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Amazon$5999.95 (Cheapest Price)

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