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Canon EOS 1D Mark III Review

Canon is a brand that you'll surely not mess with especially when it comes to high shooting performance cameras. With the EOS 1D Mark III, Canon will take another mark to its already prominent name. The Mark III can take an average of 9.9 frames per second with its 10 megapixel JPEG making it one of the most talked about camera. In addition, it can produce excellent low noise image quality, wide customizable menu functions and others to name a few.

The Mark III is much like the same from its predecessors if looking first hand. The in-camera vertical grip is still there including the dual shutter and control buttons. These allow to keep accessibility when the grips are shifted. If viewing from the front, there is an elevated inclination to the top of the camera on the side that is nongripped while an easy bend from the prism bulge on either sides. This is the most apparent difference between the Mark III and its predecessors however, you can hardly see it until you become accustomed to these cameras.

Another difference is the LCD screen wherein the EOS 1D Mark III has a 3 inch, moving a few buttons throughout to compensate for the large LCD screen that goes all the way to the leftmost part of the camera. The buttons for the Menu and Info are on the upper part of the screen and just below is the Playback button. The Set button is ascended at the center of the huge scroll wheel. There is also the presence of a small joystick controller for maneuvering between different menus.

The problems with the Mark III is its heavy weight and gigantic built like the rest of the 1D and 1Ds series. Without the addition of the lens, the camera weighs about 3 pounds and another thing is that few of the controls are barely reachable especially for some who possess little hands. The button for expsure compensation is situated on the farleft of the camera yet this may not be an issue since the huge scroll wheel augments as aperture exposure compensation as well as modes for shutter priority. The huge scroll wheel can be deactivated using the 3-way on/off/on-with-scroll-wheel switch and the finger can smoothly maneuver it. The button for White Balance is not evidently marked which makes it a problem. For altering the white balance while under shooting mode, you can use the Func button.

The viewfinder is also added on the Mark III camera which is pleasing and brilliant and good for manual focus. As per Canon, its magnification can go to 0.76x and 30 degress for the viewing angle yet keeping the 20mm eye point and the 100 percent coverage is still there. Canon EOS 1D Mark III delivers 11 various kinds of focusing screens which are optional. Quite a number of rubber gaskets for resisting dusts and moisture are also incorporated on the camera. The restyled hot shoe encircled by an elevated plastic is a new feature on the Mark III.

The lately enhanced 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor from Canon is found at the center of the camera. This sensor is APS-H in size that provides this camera a 1.3x focal-length. This shows that a 50mm lens will provide a view same with a 65mm lens. Either turning on or off, the camera vibrates the IR-cut filter to brandish off dust. The Mark III can detect dust flecks on the sensor, scheme the spots and saves the data to abolish the dust particles during post processing.

The Canon 1D Mark III works superbly fast when talking of performance. From powering on the camera to capturing first shot which is JPEG, it takes 0.1 second and it takes 0.4 seconds with shot to shot when taking JPEGs afterwards. For RAW images, the camera is rated 0.5 seconds shot to shot. Shutter lag takes 0.4 second under well-lit situations while 1.1 seconds under darkish environments. Continuous shooting proves 10 frames per second. Shooting with Continuous Drive mode using the Mark III is like shooting a rocket ship. Very impressive. However, using 10 megapixels RAW+JPG mode when shooting will consume your memory card ultimately fast.

Image quality can be perfectly breathtaking with the Mark III camera with overly accurate colors and are balanced with automatic white balance taken under any lighting condition. Images are still excellent even under mixed lighting. Wide amount of clear detail results if coupled with a sharp lens.

This camera has a super low noise. Even at ISO 6,400 which is the camera's highest setting, printed images are good to look at. A canopy of clear, kaleidoscopic green can be seen if viewing on a screen yet the images are still excellent when it comes to the quantity of shadow and clearer details considering that the camera is using the highest sensitivity. Photos under lower ISOs are ultimately fine and noise are not visible when viewing on screens unless you reach ISO 800.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Sample Image 1

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Sample Image 2


-10 megapixels resolution
-CMOS optical sensor
-Sensor Dust Reduction feature
-DIGIC III image processor
-3 inch LCD display
-Optical - Fixed eye-level pentaprism viewfinder


-excellent shooting speed
-noise is very low
-can make continuous shooting with 10 megapixel resolution


-heavy and huge
-not advisable for users with little hands
-expensive for some


With its excellent shooting speeds that can capture sport and elusive images plus its breathtaking image quality, the Canon EOS 1D Mark III is definitely for paparazzis, sports and news photographers or anyone who needs a high shooting performance camera.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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