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Canon EOS 60D Review

Canon's EOS 60D is its latest digital SLR that will have anyone dream of becoming a photographer. It is quite smaller compared with its predecessors and has a refreshing design. Its features are also overhauled for better performance.The Canon EOS 60D has 18-megapixel sensor, a mode for Full HD movies as well as Vari-angle LCD screen.

Canon's improvement to a sensor of 18 megapixel launches the Canon EOS 60D. This new camera can take 5.3 frames per second, quite slow compared to its predecessor, EOS 50D that can take 6.3 frames per second. The incorporation of a 1.04 million pixel, 3 inch Vari-angle LCD display on this prosumer dSLR is an extensive and better advancement. This paves way to many extraordinary constitution potentials to the photographer's category that the company, Canon is looking for in this kind of layout.

For its class, the EOS 60D is the first to support the HD video capture. It comprises 1, 920 x1, 080p, 1280 x 720, and 640 x 480 resolutions saved at a compression of H.264 together with linear PCM audio.This camera features frame rates for full HD that accomodate 30, 25, 24 frames per second while for HD and VGA, it includes 60 frames per second and 50 frames per second respectively.The audio-level adjustment which is very essential is also an added feature on this camera. Meaning, the Canon EOS 60D is far better as compared with some camera models out there when it comes to video capture.

The Canon 60D features ISO sensitivities that ranges from 100 to 6, 400 and a colossal setting for 12, 800. Aside from these, it also has the 9 point autofocus sensor that detects many types of phases, 63 zone double layer metering sensor, and a shutter sturdiness that courses at 100,000, as well as 30 to 1/8,000 second shutter speed. With the 7D model, you also first saw the electronic leveling feature. Good thing because the new Canon 60D also has that feature which signifies the way a plane's attitude indicator does. The Canon EOS 60D's harmony with SDXC takes place instead of the usual compact flash. This camera still takes advantage of the same type of battery as what Canon's 7D uses.

Most of the controls on the 60D have been clipped down. Multi-tasking on quite a number of buttons are not available the way it used to be on Canon's previous models. However, this is based on the camera's mode. Now, the four upper buttons for labouring two purposes through the Main dial are for only one purpose. Same thing happens to the Quick Control dial at the back. Logically, the Canon EOS 60D is comparable to a gigantic Rebel with a 3 inch LCD display on the upper portion. There is also some alteration on the 8 way joystick which is a better change for Canon. The Lens AF Microadjustment Custom Function on the EOS 60D is quite an extreme unlikekable change for it is clearly another sign that this camera is more intended for propelled rookie. Last but not the least, you can take advantage of the built-in-flash of the EOS 60D to contol other Canon wireless EX flashes using a remote wirelessly. This camera is packaged with the EF-S 18-3mm IS kit lens.

With the camera's 18 megapixel APS-C sensor, it delivers eminent altitude of specific aspect and a 1.6x magnification of the lens' focal length for images that are sized like posters in an aspect ratio array. For producing astonishing color duplicaton and a 5.3 frames per second under burst shooting with 8 JPEGs full resolution, a high speed performance, Canon incorporated their Digic 4 technology. This deals with the taken image data from the four channel aggregate of the CMOS sensor.

ISO sensitivities that ranges from 100 up to 6400 plus the 12, 800 extension delivers fine images with the least possible noise under darkish situations. For offering quick and accurate focusing, there is the 9 point cross type AF system. In addition, an ultra delicate middle point for the lens that is much quicker than f/2.8. This lets shooters to creatively use a depthless field of view when taking portrait or climatic shots. Its 63-zone Dual Layer sensor is responsible for the steadiness of accurate exposures regardless of what the situation is.

The Canon EOS 60D's 3 inched Vari-angle wide LCD has an aspect ratio of 3:2 and a resolution of 1, 040 k dot. The screen delivers an extra versatility and lets users see the subjects in details that are astonishing. For images in awkward angles, the Vari-angle wide LCD helps those images position using Live View to have that well-aimed formation if viewfinder shooting is not achievable. Capturing moving portraits either up or down is automatically boosted. The screen's exterior is anti-reflective under bright illumination plus an additional finish against water.

A refreshing Basic + function allows users for effortlessly appending a brush of self-aesthecticness to images without bothering to alter the controls. By capturing images depending on the illumintation and kind of scene under Landscape, Portrait, Sport, Night Snapshot, Close-Up or Creative Auto modes, users can combine atmosphere to a particular scene. A variety of effects can be gained using Daylight, Cloudy or Sunset or pre-set Picture Styles with the inclusion of Vivid, Soft, Warm and Monochrome accompaniments.

Made for offering dominance for those whose artistic perception are eminent, the Canon EOS 60D presents a bunch of latest capacities to aid in shooting excellent images and for built in effects to give an extended depth. The Digic 4 technology supports RAW image that lets users edit settings. If preferred, the edited images can be again saved as JPEG this time for printing and uploading.

Movie Crop mode is another feature on the 60D that captures with the main 640x480 pixel dimension of the sensor to make a reliable magnification of around 7x the lens' focal length. For users to use their desired focus settings, exposure as well as the effects obtained from the broad array of EF lenses, one can use the full manual control of Movie mode.The capacity to set sound recording level promises the audio track captured to keep pace with the video's visual quality, recording a sound that has a quality suited for simulcasting.

The camera's redesigned physique with comfortably boosted form and refreshing button and control design, makes it is easier to alter the settings. Often used conrols are categorized in one group for ease of use. The 60D supports SDXC memory cards giving up to 2TB of free space that allows the users to keep on capturing without removing the cards. It also features the capacity for Eye-fi connection.


-18 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
-3 inched Vari-angle CD display
-ISO sensitivities from 100 up to 6400 and extends to 12, 800
-Digic 4 technology
-9 point cross type AF System
-Manual control for full HD movies


With the Canon EOS 60D redesigned features, it looks like they are aiming for the Rebel photographers. The camera's satisfactory results are also for entry level prosumer market but mostly for the advance amateurs.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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