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Canon Powershot A490 Review

If you are on a tight budget yet you don't want to miss out taking great pictures, the Canon Powershot A490 might be the camera you are looking for. This point and shoot camera is pocketable and is available in silver color only. However the Canon Powershot A490 is a bit pokey when referring to camera shooting performance as well as shot-to-shot times. This camera has a 5-point Face AiAF autofocus system and makes use of the 13 scene settings for its Smart Auto mode. Unfortunately, Canon did not include its Face Self-Timer nor the Super Vivid and Poster Effect shooting mode on this camera. Let us take a closer inspection on the Canon Powershot A490.

The A490 is fairly solid and chunky. With more than an inch thick, you might find this camera hardly able to fit in your pockets. On the front side, the camera appears chic and classy with corners that are rounded. There is no visible inexpensiveness on the buttons and are stamped evidently in white on black. Canon apparently improved the overall built of the A490 camera. Also, the controls are direct to the point and there is ease of use when it comes to the menu systems.

Just like most cameras, the power and shutter-release buttons are found on top. The rest of the controls are located at the rear just on the right side of the 2.5inch LCD display. On the upper-back part of the camera is the zoom rocker. The playback button, shooting mode, menu buttons as well as the four-way control pad with ok button are located below the zoom rocker. Two tabs of general settings comes up for the Menu button while the select button paves way for shooting mode-specific options. Generally, the Canon Powershot A490 is user-friendly and beginners won't find it hard to navigate.

Referring to the lens, it is attenuated at 35mm-equivalent of 37mm. The Canon Powershot A490 has a 3.3x optical lens which is the accepted optical zoom for its kind. The LCD screen is adequately low in resolution however the camera has a fitting LCD display. The screen is hard to look at if in direct sunlight but decently bright otherwise.

Using this camera is convenient to some because it is run by AA-size batteries. NiMH AA size batteries are recommended if you are planning to get many shots because regular AA-size batteries only takes about 150 shots.

The A490 only has a few shooting options. In Program, you can find options for focus, metering, white balance, color effects and ISO, the most complicated options you can get. If you rather save yourself from tinkering the options, you can make use of Canon's Smart Auto which is trustworthy at selecting the correct settings basing on the 13 differenct scene types. You can also select from the 11 special scene modes including Foliage, Kids and Pets, Fireworks and Long Shutter. To erase misunderstanding, Canon changed the name of High ISO mode to "Low Light". However, it has still the same function, taking 2-mp shots from ISOs 500 to 3,200. The Canon Powershot A490 is also a good buy if you want to capture several close-up macro shots. The closest is down to 0.4 inch. The autofocus of the A490 also appeared corrected for proper focus.

The Movie mode is only in VGA format. Unfortunately, optical zoom can not be used during recording mobile images. The quality of the video is satisfactory for its kind. The camera is nice for a speedy clip if you want it online and that's just it.

Talking about performance, the Canon Powershot A490 is quite draggy. From first shot, the camera takes 2 seconds. In brightly-lit envrionment, shutter lag is a bit long with 0.6 second from pushing the shutter release to capturing. While in a dim lighting condition, shutter lag is at 1 second. Without flash, shot to shot is common at 2.9 seconds. If using a flash, shot-to-shot times to a long 7.1 seconds. For continous shooting, the camera takes 0.6 frames per second. So if you are planning to take fast moving subjects, the Canon Powershot A490 is not for you.

The picture quality from this camera is brilliant enough. It is worth the price you paid for and if compared to some, expensive cameras, the Canon Powershot A490 would be the choice. Below ISO 200, the images is delicately detailed and sharp. Noise and noise suppression are well-equaled even at ISO 800. This makes 4x6 inch prints attainable. At 100 percent view, noise is visible specifically in dark parts of the images. Still, the Canon Powershot A490 is commendable.

Canon Powershot A490 Sample Image 1

Canon Powershot A490 Sample Image 2

At its widest condition, the camera's lens produces little barrel contortion. If zoomed out, the camera has no recognizable pincushioning. In the very most corners of the images are a few softness but the center sharpness is very satisfactory. At full size, purple fringing in high contrasts spots are visible and is on the average side but the photo is still acceptable.

Hues are excellent taken from the Canon Powershot A490. Most results are near accurate and vivid and nice to look at. Blues on the other hand are a little bit lighter from the original color. All in all, exposure is very satisfactory.


-10 megapixel resolution
-4x digital zoom, 3.3x optical zoom
-Face Detection Technology
-supports AVI , MJPEG and JPEG
-built-in flash
-LCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.5 in - Color


-with the camera's price, pictures are impressive
-trustworthy automode
-conveniently uses AA-size batteries


-basic features
-shooting performance is slow
-low-resolution LCD


With its inexpensive price, the Canon Powershot A490 is good for people who are on a tight budget but doesn't want to compromise excellent photo quality.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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Lowest Price: Amazon for $84.00.
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