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Canon Powershot SD1200 IS Review

You cannot help but admire its size, design, and exuberant color, the first time you see the Canon Powershot SD 1200IS. Beyond the stylish design is the capability to give you amazing images. The Powershot SD 1200 IS is another camera of the famed Canon ELPH series. ELPH is known for ultra-compact but high-resolution cameras. Small but powerful plus it comes in colors that can steal people?s attention.

The Powershot SD 1200IS measures 3.48 X 2.16 X 0.86 inches and weighs below 5 ounces. It is super-compact and you can bring this camera practically everywhere. It can fit in your jean pockets or a lady?s handbag. Since it is quite tiny, you may use the free wrist strap for added security when taking pictures. The camera comes in lively colors and would look good carried around like a mobile phone.

The buttons of the camera are easy to figure out. The power button is at the top along with the shutter and zoom controls. The SD 1200IS can handily be operated with one hand. At the back you can find a sliding mode switch in lieu to a mode dial. All the buttons and controls are well marked and you can easily figure it out. The camera has a 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II that is big for an ultra-compact digital camera. Canon?s PureColor LCD II technology gives fantastic resolution, color, and contrast even when viewed at an angle. The Night Display makes viewing in lowlight situations so convenient. There is also an optical viewfinder but you should use the LCD for better framing. An optical viewfinder is typically too tiny in compact digital cameras.

The menu is pretty straightforward . If you have a Canon Powershot before, you will find it easy to navigate the Powershot SD 1200IS? menu. The most commonly used functions like ISO settings, white Balance, and metering can be accessed through the function button.

The camera has 3 program modes: smart Auto, program, and movie. The smart Auto allows you to fully enjoy picture taking, without worrying much about the technical aspects of photography. Canon technology will analyze the situation and shooting conditions, and intelligently selects the best scene mode among 18 pre-programmed settings. In this mode, you will always be confident that every picture will come out right. For people who like to tinker with the settings, the Program mode will allow them to choose their personal setting. The movie mode is a good substitute for your bulky camcorder, it can record VGA and QVGA movies at 30 frames per second.

The images are stored in SD or SDHC memory cards. The current maximum capacity for this type is around 32 GB but 4 to 8 GB will be more than enough for the Canon Powershot SD 1200IS, unless you have plans to extensively use the movie mode. The camera uses a 1,000mAh, 3.7 volts lithium ion battery. The single charge is sufficient for 260 shots, which is about average. You might consider bringing an extra battery, just in case.

DIGIC 4, Canon?s most advanced image processor, powers the Powershot SD 1200IS. Digic 4 integrates features like face detection, intelligent contrast correction, scene recognition and red eye correction. This technology will help you get the best-looking images in every shot. The camera also has an image stabilizer that will prevent pictures from becoming fuzzy. It has a 3x times optical zoom (35mm-105mm). It might just be a basic lens, but nevertheless, it is good enough to take pictures of small groups, without taking much to time to frame a shot properly. You can also focus as close as 3 centimeters in the macro mode.

The SD 1200IS is a 10-megapixel camera. This will allow you to create large photos from this tiny camera. Image quality is highly satisfactory for a point and shoot camera. Contrast is very good with the help of I-Contrast, which automatically lightens up the dark areas in photos. The camera has a custom white balance feature that can help ensure good and right colors every time you take a shot. Powershot SD 1200 IS performs extremely well in ISO below 200. On higher ISOs, shots will begin to have some noise and graininess. The camera can give you good details in ISO 3200, but expect the usual graininess. Images are generally sharp and only a bit soft at the edges at the widest aperture setting. Exposure is a bit brighter than usual, which is good for direct printing; but, there is a big chance of overexposure in some instances.

Canon Powershot SD1200 IS Sample Image 1

Canon Powershot SD1200 IS Sample Image 2

Performance-wise, the camera has decent speed. Power off to first shot was timed at a respectable 1.4 seconds. Shutter lag and shot to shot times were above average in the tests. The Powershot SD 1200IS has no burst mode but unlimited, continuous shooting is capable of 1.4 fps.


- 10 Megapixels
- DIGIC 4 Image Processor
- Smart AUTO
- Optical Image Stabilizer
- Face Detection
- 2.5 Inch PureColor LCD II


- Easy to use
- Portable
- Fashionable Design
- Affordable Price


- Photo noise above ISO 200
- Tiny Viewfinder * Limited Zoom


The Powershot SD 1200IS is highly recommended for people, who put importance to looks and portability. The camera is even smaller than a deck of card and it comes in a very stylish color and design. This is a nice camera to take to a party or a family gathering. Teenagers and kids will not find it hard to use this camera. Anybody can easily fire away and immortalize the beauty of ordinary days with the SD 1200IS.

The camera is very affordable and has excellent value for its price. For your money, the Canon Powershot SD 1200IS provides a camera that looks good, gives out wonderful images, and can easily be used by beginners. It is probably one of the best affordable compact digital cameras in the market right now. This can even be a good gift for younger people, who like taking a lot of pictures.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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