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Canon Powershot SX130 IS Review

The PowerShot SX130 IS is the latest from Canon. This superzoom digital solid camera complements well with Canon's excellent imaging technology. The SX130 IS' value is worth a smile from a family's versatility and point of view.

Canon has commenced an intelligent, smooth, and imaginative superzoom camera, the Canon Powershot SX130 IS. This camera is the ultimate mate for all you unforgettable moments, easy to use and a take anywhere shooter. The SX130 IS can provide image details in sharp, breathtaking 720p HD. Noteworthy that the powerful 12x wide-angle optical zoom can be used while video recording. Capturing moving images is more fun with the capability of recording with stereo sound then transferring or playbacking the videos immediately to the computer. This camera is all about imagination with cool, latest scene modes like the Miniature Effect for Movies as well as the FishEye Effect for creatively altered immobile images.

The SX130 IS superzoom replaces the Canon SX120 IS with its higher 12 megapixels resolution and with its 12x zoom range beginning at 28mm, longer than that of the Canon's SX120 IS. The Powershot SX130 also supports the latest SDXC card and is capable of HD video. However, the other features are the same like the size of the LCD, PASM shooting, run by AA battery and image stabilization.

Owing to its 12.1 megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4 image processing, the SX130 IS can capture larger, clear images as well as recording events in superior quality. Since its 12x optical zoom can range from wide angle to telephoto, the camera is perfect for family shots and travel events.

Canon's systematized optical Image Stabilizer presents a three-stop assistance thus it is easier to capture very satisfactory images in poorly lit scenes with distant exposures and decreasing the blur which is affiliated with camera shake when capturing far away subjects at the end of the telephoto zoom.

The camera's huge 3.0 inch LCD monitor that has a 230K dot resolution and on-screen Hints and Tips which are available as choice allows it simple to maneuver the maximized system of the menus. This also allows to create the ultimate shot. Capturing from unrefined angles and sharing the produced images with colleagues instantly after the image is shot is also possible with its wide viewing angle.

Recording 720p HD video including stereo sound is also possible with the new Canon PowerShot SX130 IS. This makes users to instantly shift from still images to high quality moving images and vice versa with one accomodating, solid SX130. Lens full focal range are maximized with the camera's silent zoom motor while capturing videos and the continuous autofocus promises that these images are clear. This gives the ultimate instrument for taking images in moving group gatherings that requires an extra effort when shooting. Another good thing is that the SX130 IS supports the latest SDXC memory cards allowing up to 2TB of video and full-resolution of non-moving images to be saved that requires no card removal.

Any user can have astonishing results owing to a wide selection of intelligent shooting attributes and creative modes. Using the Easy Mode, the SX130 IS turns into an ultimate point and shoot camera. In Easy Mode, most buttons are deactivated and icons erased from the 3.0 inch screen to effortlessly create and shoot the best possible image without bothering the camera's settings.

The 28 different shooting situations are distinguised with the Smart Auto with Scene Detection Technology. This feature instantly set the settings to give the ultimate possible product. Flash levels are also based on shooting situations are also well-dealt thanks to the Smart Flash Exposure. Because of this, only the appropriate amount of flash is used to make sure that all shots whether from a poorly lit environment or from direct sunlight have the ultimate exposure.

The SX130 is also able to capture fleeting moments effortlessy because of the added strong features. The feature Servo AF and AE instantly sets exposure and focus when pursuing on-the-go subjects. The Smart Shutter with Face Detection technology promises excellent group shots, dominating the shutter with a wink, smile or after the frame distinguishes a new face. The user is acquainted if one of the subjects have closed eyes letting a more excellent picture to be taken thanks to the Blink detection feature of the Canon Powershot SX130 IS.

For courageous photographers who prefers better admonition into the way they shot images, they can take advantage of the full manual control. This lets them to exclusively maneuver shutter speed and aperture to take a shot with their desired setting. Also, this allows them to make their own effects.

Aside from giving aid in taking excellent shots as viewed using the lens, the Canon Powershot SX130 IS also presents an expanse of creative modes to provide the latest breadth to images with no need of any extra post-production. To provide subjects a contour just like a model, you can make use of the available Miniature Effect which is for both still image shots and movies. The Miniature Effect copies the effects of a tilt-shift lens to obtain that kind of profile. The FishEye Effect clones the deformity of a fish-eye lens beefing up a refreshing divergence to portrait and landscape images. Super vivid enhances hue saturation. On the other hand, Poster Effect makes a more nostalgic-touch to pictures, letting the users to create their images that surely emerge from the group.

The Canon iMage GATEWAY allows the owners of the SX130 IS to share their photos and videos online. The Canon iMage GATEWAY is an online tool that has a capacity of 2GB for storing personal images making adequate space for countless of high-quality images. This tool also supports mobile browsing thus simplifying your experience of viewing moving photos.

To conclude, the Canon Powershot SX130 IS is a take-everywhere camera best for group shots and sightseeing trips with the ability to take excellent and clear images. This camera calls out the creativeness in you.


-3.0 inch LCD monitor
-12.1 megapixels
-12x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
-ISO sensitivity 80 to 1600
-4x digital zoom

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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