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Canon Powershot SX200IS Review

The Canon Powershot SX200 IS is equipped with intuitive features a point and shoot camera should have. The huge advantage of the SX200 IS is its wide-angle lens with 12x zoom in a considerable solid body. No doubt with that however, take note also that this camera has other considerably fine features such as the capability of capturing HD video, shutter speed that can be entirely and manually controlled. Aside from those are the aperture and focus plus an oversupply of other shooting controls. This makes the camera outstand its rivals. Another thing is that in reality, the Canon's zoom lens is barred while capturing video.

If your purpose is to maximize the zoom range whether your capturing still or moving images and looking for a genuine point and shoot camera, the Canon Powershot SX200 IS might not be for you however, if you are looking for a camera that can greatly maneuver over exposures, this camera then is destined for you.

The SX200 is good looking. However there is a look of a little bit of peculiarity due to its long wide-angle lens located in the front. This camera comes in classic colors which are black, red, and blue. Basing on Canon's prior pocketzoom cameras, the Powershot SX200IS' design is an absolute development. This camera can easily fit in the pockets regardless of its longer and wider lens as compared with other camera models. However, the SX200 IS weight is not that light.

No matter what the improvements are, there is always the presence of flaws. The Canon Powershot SX200 IS' motorized flash is the biggest design abberation. This flash instantly lifts from top left of the chasis and unluckily it's impossible to countermand. This creates a good hold to the left a bit hard and it is not aided by the all in all sleekness of SX200 body. Another abberation is the minute Mode dial located on top of the camera that includes no lesser than 13 options on it. Five scene modes are on the mode dial which can be removed by affixing them under the SCN option. Just in case these five scene modes are removed, icons on the mode dial can have enough size which can be effortlessly read.

The controls are located on the rear portion of the Canon Powershot SX200 IS which are attractively accepted for its category. These are the four buttons and the directional pad. Just about the extremities of the pad is the scroll wheel. This wheel is for quick menu navigation and for collaborating with the settings of the manual. However, there is an additional flaw. The left portion of the pad comes so near to the lifted nook of the screen that it does not allow bigger thumbs from smoothly pressing that portion of the pad or easily achieving a revolution of the scroll wheel.

Last but not the least, the SX200 IS has a considerably solid feel without including the right portion of the camera. This right portion is crested with a plastic, a piece of it being the covering for the door of the tiny HDMI and USB/AV port. Beneficially, taking advantage of the SX200 IS requires a little effort even if you are using all its shooting selections.

While this camera surpasses some camera models with its shooting selections, it aslo has two Auto modes. The Smart Auto is a scene-recognizing mode that selects from the wide 18 options specially assigned settings basing on what is in the frame. The Easy Auto mode fundamentally fastens down all controls and options. There is also the other side of Program, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority as well as Manual modes that have different quantity of control over exposures. The camera only needs you to rotate the scroll wheel to shift the settings of the shutter and aperture which is too simple.

Manual focus is also accessed through the use of the scroll wheel. First is to focus clearly and then set the other controls of the exposure. If you are the type who takes pleasure in tweaking exposures, then these controls are one of the huge basis to go for the Canon Powershot SX200 IS. On the other hand, this camera is able to capture moving images up to a resolution of 1, 280x720p at 30 frames per second. A performance noteworthy for some. Canon preferred to disable the optical zoom while capturing moving images, quite a downfall since all you have is a digital zoom.

The Canon Powershot SX200 IS performance when it comes to continuous shooting can not keep up with other models out there for it is rated 1.9 frames per second. For the shutter lag, there is quite an improvement with 0.5 second in well-lit environment and 0.8 second in dim situations. Fort shot to shot time, it takes 2.3 seconds frames per second and 2.4 seconds from startup to first shot.

Image Quality is very satisfactory for the Canon Powershot SX200 IS' category however it still has few faults. This camera is clearer technically speaking and images are apparently smeared. Meaning clear detail is not expectedly ascertained despite of its ISO. Normally for its class, images are perfect in well-lit situations at ISO below 200. Noise is apparent beginning at ISO 400. The images are blotchy-looking and seemed soft at ISO 800. The lens also gives off barrel distortion however at a controllable level, typical of megazooms. There is a little bit of magenta and purple fringing but more apparent in shots taken outside with the maximum contrast. All in all, the camera provides very satisfactory exposure however, not with the abscence of a few highlight clipping and white color is as expectedly satisfactory yet it is still excellent.

Canon Powershot SX200IS Sample Image 1

Canon Powershot SX200IS Sample Image 2

This camera is a compact megazoom that can easily fit in the pockets. It features more shooting versatility compared with other models. The design is not that interesting most particularly the motorized flash however no feature are a serious trouble to degrade the camera. Image quality is very impressive for a megazoom camera compared to its performance. The incapability of using the optical zoom during movie capture will somehow keep budding consumers from buying the Canon Powershot SX200 IS.


-12x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom
-12.1 megapixels resolution
-ISO sensitivity 80 up to 3200
-DIGIC 4 image processor
-3 inch LCD display


-solid body
-wide angle lens with 12x zoom
-excellent still image and video for its category


-incapability of using optical zoom during video recording
-design aberration especially the mechanical flash
-mixed performance


If you are the type who prefers manually controlling the settings of the camera for a better photo and video quality, the Canon Powershot SX200 IS is the camera fit for you. With its compact body and easily fits in pockets, this camera is worth stashing those savings.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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