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Canon makes a variety of digital SLRs from entry level ones such as the popular Rebel T2i series to mid-range ones such as the Canon EOS 50D to professional ones such as the Canon Mark EOS 1D Mark III.

NameRatingBest Price
Canon EOS 1D Mark II4.8$5999.95 at Amazon
Canon EOS 1D Mark III4.6$2099.00 at Amazon
Canon EOS 1D Mark IV4.7$4949.00 at Amazon
Canon EOS 40D4.4$1197.99 at Amazon
Canon EOS 50D4.5$734.99 at Amazon
Canon EOS 5D Mark II4.6$2499.00 at Amazon
Canon EOS 60D4.2$1099.00 at Amazon
Canon EOS 7D4.7$1539.00 at Amazon
Canon EOS Rebel T1i4.8$539.00 at CameraKings
Canon EOS Rebel T2i4.8$69.99 at Samys
Canon EOS Rebel XS4.4$419.95 at Amazon
Canon Rebel XSi4.6$424.00 at CameraKings
Canon Rebel XT4.6$689.98 at Amazon
Canon Rebel XTi4.3$690.10 at Amazon



Like Canon, Nikon makes a wide array of digital SLRS. Entry level cameras include the D3000 and D5000. Mid-range SLRS include the D90 and D700. Professional SLRS include the D3.

NameRatingBest Price
Nikon D2004.7$1599.00 at Amazon
Nikon D34.5$3499.00 at Amazon
Nikon D30004.8$380.99 at New Egg
Nikon D300s4.4$1499.95 at Amazon
Nikon D31004.5$699.00 at Amazon
Nikon D3s4.6$5799.95 at Amazon
Nikon D3x4.7$6749.00 at CameraKings
Nikon D404.9$609.99 at Amazon
Nikon D50004.8$499.00 at CameraKings
Nikon D7004.6$2398.99 at Amazon
Nikon D804.7$1499.95 at Amazon
Nikon D904.7$739.00 at CameraKings



Panasonic produces some very unique cameras that use the Micro Four Thirds technology. What you get is a camera that has DSLR-features such as an interchangeable lens, in a more compact, and lighter design.

NameRatingBest Price
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G14.8$479.95 at Samys
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G104.4$520.12 at Amazon
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G24.8$659.95 at Amazon
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF14.5$689.95 at Amazon



Pentax is nowhere near as popular as Canon or Nikon, but they do have a very loyal following. While their lens selection is nowhere near as vast, they still have some great entry level and midrange DSLRs in the Pentax K-X and K100D.

NameRatingBest Price
Pentax K-X4.6$444.00 at CameraKings
Pentax K100D4.8$644.50 at Amazon
Pentax K10D4.3$757.95 at Amazon
Pentax K200D4.8$499.90 at Amazon
Pentax K74.7$851.53 at Amazon



The Sony Alpha series offers some nice digital SLRS for complete beginners and newbies. They recently introduced the Alpha NEX cameras which don't have mirrors, but still have interchangeable lens.

NameRatingBest Price
Sony Alpha A2304.8$349.00 at CameraKings
Sony Alpha A3304.8$429.00 at Amazon
Sony Alpha A3804.4$639.95 at Amazon
Sony Alpha A5004.4$484.95 at Amazon
Sony Alpha A5504.1$629.95 at Amazon
Sony NEX 34.2$599.00 at Amazon
Sony NEX 54.3$699.00 at Amazon



Olympus DSLRs used the Four Thirds system, which provides a standard with lenses from different manufacturers.

NameRatingBest Price
Olympus E-34.6$1011.95 at Amazon
Olympus E-5204.8$449.95 at PC Connection Express
Olympus E304.4$829.95 at Amazon
Olympus Evolt E6204.3$518.42 at Amazon
Olympus PEN E-P13.8$553.00 at Amazon
Olympus PEN EP24.8$568.97 at Buy.com



Sigma is a Japanese company that is well known for creating lenses that is compatible with other brand cameras. Their DSLRs are rather unique in that they use the X3 sensor from Foveon.

NameRatingBest Price
Sigma SD144.6$699.95 at Amazon



Leica is a high end camera brand that produces DSLRs and lenses. Their lenses are used in many Panasonic cameras these days. In fact, these 2 were the first to include optical image stabilization in their cameras.

NameRatingBest Price
Leica S24.5$22995.00 at Amazon

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