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Fujifilm Finepix F300EXR Review

Ultimately designed with an admirable Fujifilm quality, the FinePix F300EXR has the FUJINON lens technology. This camera is equipped with 15x zoom and the flexibility of a super wide angle lens in a fashionable solid body. The presence of the EXR sensor allows you to capture far away subject and also zoom in. These are just a few of its incredible features. This camera allows you to take Pro-Class images, definitely offers unrelenting pictures!

The FinePix F300EXR is wrapped in an exquisitely carved black metal case with a lacquer polish dually plated. This camera only measures 23mm thick and features a 12 megapixel EXR Super CCD. A huge 3.0 inch high contrast 460K LCD screen. The F300EXR offers an Intelligent Image Stabilization and capable of capturing HD movie at 720p.

Attributable to the camera's Fujinon 15x Super Wide-Angle optical zoom lens, clear high resolution images are produced on the entire focal range which is from 24mm wide-angle to 360mm telephoto. To maintain the images from going off and wavering to minimum, Fujifilm incorporated the Super EBC coating on the FinePix F300EXR's lens. This makes for the best image quality.

The camera's CCD has a built-in Phase Detection pixels. The Phase Detection is associated with the ensuing generation EXR sensor to comprehend the Hybrid High Speed Auto Focus. It is capable to smartly choose between the two focusing systems on the Finepix F300EXR. For better understanding, under a blazing light, high contrast subject is situated in the middle of the frame, Phase Detection AF labours quickly and hits the spot. Another example is under a poorly lit environment. Contrast AF is used to act accurately.

For quick auto focus speed in all situations, the FinePix F300EXR takes advantage of both the Phase Detection AF and Contrast AF. Pairs of Phase Detection pixels are incorporated on the EXR sensor to obtain an amazing auto focus speed of 0.158 seconds2. This acts like outside sensor on DSLR cameras. This camera accordingly chooses the most appropriate focus system through calculating the quantity of contrast or light in the scene. This is such an advantage for photographers. Why? Because it momentarily shots the subjects inside the frame. Leaving no subjects or shots half out of frame.

Stabilization is imperative to cameras with long zoom as any other solid cameras out there considering that shaking of the hands and movement in subject are a common problem especially in poorly lit environment at the range of telephoto and during movie mode. Due to the recently improved gyro sensor, the latest image stabilization system ensures greatly enhanced photo quality with the bluriness and noise decreased in still images and during recording movies at the entire 15x optical zoom or in very poorly lit scene.

Handshake can be defeated and can be atoned for sharp and movements with the wide hands, thanks to the latest gyro sensor. Thus, advancing the ISO to stop movement is not essential anymore. Exceptionally clear low-light images can be obtained at ISO 400 instead of ISO 800 or 1600 at dark situations. This camera also acts to decrease bluriness to the least possible through disposing increased ISO sensitivity to immediately heighten the speeds of the shutter plus the CCD Sensor shift Stabilization for correcting the issues of handshake. Through smartly incorporating these two features, bluriness is decreased to the least possible.

The formidably contrasted 460K-pixel 3.0 inch LCD monitor is skillfully designed on the Fujifilm FinePix F300ER. It is meaningfully advantageous under blazing light owing to its high contrast. This camera can be charged at differing angles to allow framing of uncomfortable shots. The screen is brilliant and clear giving that exceptional version of images in playback.

A Mini HDMI Port is an added feature on the FinePix F300EXR because of its capability to record moving images in high definition quality 720p. This allows fast and simple to use for users to comprehend the whole advantages of their abode's theater system and to bestow all the unforgettable events.

The improved Pro Focus Mode is a well known feature among photographer. Because of the intricate digital imaging technology, few images are incorporated to make a clear shot of the subject contrary non-focused backdrop and leading-edge. The Pro Focus Mode offers a contented professional images perfect for portraits and night photography as well as subjects that requires enhancing from the background. Images are more easy to obtain as this feature has now been paired with Face Detection as well as Face Recognition.

Now, the F300EXR reaches the range to 360 degrees. This is a latest feature to the EXR sensor. Together with increased quality Fujifilm printing, breathtaking situations can be captured, expressing clear detail, decreased noise, and high resolution at 180, 240 degrees or up to a full 360 degrees range.

The user can enlist up to eight faces together with birthdays, categories and names with the Face Recognition technology. Meaning, the camera will focus first those enlisted name and put the appropriate exposure on their faces. Image Search can also be maximized to see images of an enlisted person. The F300EXR has quicker recognition speed, considerable number of name to be viewed and the capability to remember the subject that are often captured. This camera has also the feature Tracking Auto Focus that lets you follow a fleeting subject instantly for still shot images.

Other Features include the Super Intelligent Flash, EXR Auto Technology, Face Detection and Automatic Red-eye Removal and Photobook Assist. The Super Intelligent Flash provides a control system for the flash that effectively maneuvers the level of flash for the current exposure making an impressively fair flash brightness over the front and background. EXR AUTO Technology, is capable of changing its manner basing on the shooting situations through instantly changing sensor modes. Face Detection and Automatic Red-eye Removal offers ultimately exposed and focused portrait images. While the Photobook Assist allows the user to choose and systematize photos in the F300EXR to make a digital photobook. Photobooks can be transferred to the computer with the use of the software MyFinePix Studio.

If you are looking for a camera that offers Pro-Class functions, features and results, the Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR camera is definitely the best choice. With its acclaimed Fujinon lens technology, 15x zoom and Super CCD EXR just to name a few, you can never go wrong with this camera.


-12 megapixels resolution
-3.0 inch LCD screen
-ISO sensitivity 100 to 12800
-15x optical zoom
-shutter 8-1/2000

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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