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Fujifilm Finepix S2800HD Review

The Fujifilm FinePix S2800HD is the ultimate digital camera for propelled photographers who would still favor petite cameras. Donning a Fujinon 18x wide-angle optical zoom or 28mm-504mm equivalent, a 14 megapixels resolution and an added bonus of 3.0 inch high-contrast LCD and electronic viewfinder, any achieved shooter can not ignore the latest digital camera from FujiFilm, the FinePix S2800HD.

A Mini HDMI Port is also incorporated into the S2800HD in relation to its capability to record movies in HD quality 720p. This is for fast and convenient connection to your home theater system. The FinePix S2800HD also collaborated with Fujifilm's HD Player Kit that comes with an HD card reader to let you connect to your HDTV with the use of an HDMI Cable. This is optional though and with this, you can be able transfer HD quality images for playback with the aid of a wireless remote control. All possible from the amenity of your home and making the most of your HD experience.

This camera offers a Fujinon 18x wide-angle optical zoom lens that gives off clear, high resolution images in the entire focal range from the 28 mm wide angle to a breathtaking 504 mm telephoto. To allow the user to maintain their subject in the frame at a far away distance, the Instant Zoom feature is also added on the FinePix S2800HD. This feature makes a wide viewing area on the frame and then instantaneously crops the subject once shot.

Aside from Fujifilm's acclaimed Face Detection, the S2800HD also offers two enjoyable and worthy features which are the Smile Detection and Blink Detection. The Smile Detection feature distinguishes the exact moment a subject smiles and that is the only time that the shutter is released. On the other hand, Blink Detection tells you if the subjects blinked so that you can have the chance of reshotting the image if required. The Tracking Auto Focus is also on this camera that lets you track on-the-go subjects necessarily for use on non-moving image shots.

Choosing the Panorama Mode easily and simply can have you taking shots on the FinePix S2800HD. Adjust the + symbol into the circle and the shutter will necessarily release to screwlessly fasten the shots stably in the camera. This is excellent for shots like landscape and colossal buildings as well as party events.

For automatically detecting the type of scene you are taking, the Scene Recognition Auto Mode feature is available. This optimizes the focus of the camera, white balance and exposure. Whatever the shots, you will have perfect images in just one click.

This camera also has the worthy Auto Picture Rotation which promises that your images are always seen the correct way during playback. You can take pleasure with the FinePix S2800HD however you hold it since the image will instantaneously rotate in the screen to make viewing effortless.

A Picture Search tool is incorporated on the Fujifilm Finepix S2800HD for fast and effortless image search. The shot images can be search whichever Scene mode was used. Meaning, if you choose Landscape, you can see all the images shot using Landscape Mode and same with other modes. It's an efficient feature that lets you save time. You don't have to necessarily scan all your images to look for the desired photos.

This camera is designed with a 3 inch LCD and Electronic Viewfinder. The monitor is high in contrast at 230 K pixel. It is essentially advantageous under a heavily lit environment due to the high contrast. Meaning the camera can be pointed at any shooting angles to allow framing of uncomfortable shots. Versatility is even more achieved with its Electronic View Finder.

Stabilization is highly required for cameras that have long zooms as with any other solid camera because of the issues of handshake and moving subjects especially in a poorly lit situation at a range of telephoto. This camera decreases the amount of blur to the least possible with the help of the stabilized CCD sensor and high ISO that goes up to 6400. The blur is then ultimately decreased to a minimum. To give a flawlessly exposed and focused portrait images, the S2800HD is designed with the newest Face Detection Technology from Fujifilm. This allows you to track up to 10 faces concurrently at almost any direction to the camera. It immediately rights the red-eye and stores the original and the edited image file automatically. Photobook Assist tools allows you to choose and systematize your photos in the camera to make a digital photobook. The photobooks can be transferred to your computer using the software MyFinePix Studio that comes along with the camera.

With its Fujinon 18x Wide Optical Zoom in addition to its 14 megapixel resolution, the Fujifilm FinePix S2800 let you experience quality images and videos. This camera is incorporated with the latest techonology such as the Face Detection with Red Eye Removal, Face Recognition, Dual Image Stabilization, Smile and Blink Detection Mode to name a few. What more can an advanced and skilled photographer ask for?


-14 megapixel resolution
-18x wide-angle zoom (28mm-504mm equivalent)
-ISO sensitivity up to 6400
-Dual Image Stabilization
-Face Detection Technology plus Smile and Blink Detection

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Lowest Price: Amazon for $259.95

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