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Fujifilm Finepix Z33WP Review

The FujiFilm FinePix Z33WP is part of the FinePix Z series which are stylish ultra-compact point-and-shoot cameras. FujiFilm designed this series so that every user can enjoy state of the art digital technology without losing flair. The FinePix Z33WP definitely doesn't come short with its waterproof and dustproof design in head-turning vibrant colors.

FujiFilm claims that the FinePix Z33WP is the world's smallest waterproof camera that can go underwater up to 3 meters. At only 20.6mm thin and weighing only 110 grams, the camera is very small and lightweight. It's smooth and round body is designed to fit perfectly into your palm. The camera is also designed to resist dust. The camera however is not shockproof. This makes the camera perfect for those who love water. You can take it to the pool for fun underwater shots or take it to the beach to go snorkelling and capture the vibrant underwater life. I wouldn't recommend this camera though for snowboarding and mountain climbing trips as it isn't shockproof.

It's available in 4 stylish and vibrant colors: Green, Pink, Blue, and Black. We got the green camera and it was very eye-catching. Combined with its small and compact design, this camera will definitely not only make heads turn your way but fishes underwater will be attracted to it as well. It's compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. It easily fits right into any pocket.

The camera is also equipped with FujiFilm's Auto Scene Recognition and Face detection technology. There are 6 available scenes: Portrait, Landscape, Night, Macro, Night Portrait, and Backlit Portrait. These are basic functions that will help you produce better pictures in different shooting situations. While FujiFilm's Face detection technology identifies people's faces and adjusts the exposure to ensure that they come out clear in the photo. It can instantly detect up to 10 faces and it also includes a red-eye correction feature.

The FinePix Z33WP also comes with a picture stabilization or anti-blur mode. In this mode, the camera automatically corrects for camera shake and subject blur. It will help you freeze and capture fast-moving action while keeping the background details intact.

The FinePix Z33WP has a 10 megapixels CCD sensor and is equipped with a 3x optical zoom. We took the camera out on a test run and this is what we have to say when it comes to image quality. In outdoors or well-lit conditions, the Z33WP has no problem focusing and taking decent pictures. In low-light conditions however, the camera is a bit slow to focus and the pictures are not that clear and sharp. The 3x optical zoom adds a little magnification which is good but is not enough for our standards.

The FinePix Z33WP also offers some creative functions so you can spice up your pictures. Among those that might interest you are the Illustration, Sepia, Contrast, Diagonal crop, and Miniature Effect functions. The Illustration function turns your picture into an instant painting. The Sepia filter changes your image into sepia tone giving it an old but classic feel. The Miniature effect animates your picture to make it look like a diorama. The Contrast function increases the contrast of the picture to give it a bolder look. And lastly, the Diagonal crop effect, crops your picture diagonally for a more artistic look.

The controls in the FinePix Z33WP are quite basic and straightforward. On top of the camera, you can find the power and shutter release buttons which is typical for digital cameras. At the back are rows of buttons that can easily be pressed by the thumb. Among these buttons is the button to start and stop video recording in just one touch. This makes it easy to switch to video recording mode.

The FinePix Z33WP is also capable of recording videos in 640 x 480 pixels or 320 x 240 pixels at 30 frames per second. These are very low resolutions. Our team prefers at least 720p HD recording. Aside from this the camera only records monaural and not stereo sound. This is standard for cameras at this price range. Added bonuses though are the camera's video editing functions which allow you to shoot successive movies or clip videos without having to use a computer. It was also good to be able to use the digital zoom while recording videos.

At the back also is the 2.7 inch LCD monitor with a resolution of 230,000 dots. The monitor is large enough and fills almost around 80% of the back portion. The large display makes it easier to compose and view pictures. Given the low resolution however, there wasn't that much detail and contrast visible.

Underwater shots we took with the camera produced good color and clarity. The buttons and controls were also easy to access even underwater. Its bright color also made it easy for us to spot it when we accidentally dropped it underwater. A setback is the lens glass fogging from time to time making it harder to focus.

Fujifilm Finepix Z33WP Sample Image 1

Fujifilm Finepix Z33WP Sample Image 2


- 10 Megapixels
- 3x Optical Zoom
- 2.7 inch LCD screen
- Waterproof up to 3 meters
- ISO Sensitivity up to 1600
- 640 x 480 pixels at 30 fps movie recording
- SD Memory Card support


- Small and lightweight
- Waterproof and dustproof
- Stylish design
- Easy to access controls
- Inexpensive


- Average performance
- Soft and grainy pictures
- Not shockproof


The FujiFilm FinePix Z33WP is an inexpensive underwater camera. It's fun to take along to a pool or beach party. It's very stylish and will surely attract attention. Given the right conditions, it can take good quality shots in and out of the water despite being slow at times. However, overall performance is only average. There are a lot of waterproof cameras out in the market with better features. For the budget conscious and not so demanding users however, the FinePix Z33WP is perfect for the occasional visits to the pool or beach.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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Lowest Price: Amazon for $124.69.
Note: This is a 22% off Amazon coupon and one of the best deals for the Fujifilm Finepix Z33WP.

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Amazon$124.69 (Cheapest Price)

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