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Nikon Coolpix S3000 Review

The Nikon Coolpix series promises to bring to the point-and-shoot market Nikon's experience and expertise in the SLR market. Particularly, the Coolpix S3000 is part of the Coolpix Style series which offers greater photographic control in ultra slim and compact designs. The Coolpix S3000 is a compact digital camera for budget conscious users who doesn't require much from their point-and-shoots except for it to be able to take great photos. Here are the Coolpix S3000's cool features.

The Nikon Coolpix is stylish and compact in design. Its metallic design gives it a chic and expensive look. It comes in 6 different colors to suit your style and mood. You can choose from Plum, Black, Blue, Champagne Silver, Green, and Orange. We personally love the orange color. It's perfect for those who want to stand out. Weighing only at 116 grams with a width of only 3.8 inches, the camera is very lightweight and easy to carry around wherever you go.

The 2.7 inch LCD display is standard for this camera's price range. It's adequate enough to compose and view pictures but the display resolution is not that good. Our team also prefers those with a 3.0 inch display for clearer viewing.

At 12.0 Megapixels and Nikon's EXPEED Image processing system, image quality is fairly good compared to some of its competitors. Outdoors, the colors are captured accurately and the resulting photo is ok. Indoors however, where there's not that much light available, it's harder to focus and get a clear and sharp picture. This is acceptable for this camera's price range.

Beginners will enjoy shooting in automatic mode just like a true point-and-shoot camera. Although ISO sensitivity can be adjusted as well, a lot of noise is present in the pictures at ISO 400 and above. The camera has a built-in flash to help you capture better pictures in low light conditions.

The Coolpix S3000 has a very neat and simple design that makes it super easy to use. Buttons are limited to lessen user confusion. The shutter button is located on the top right side for easy access and control. Buttons at the back are properly labelled with descriptive icons to help first time users. In exchange for flexibility, the Coolpix S3000 focuses on simplicity so that even a 12 year old kid can use the camera.

Despite being a budget compact digital camera, in getting the Coolpix S3000, you still benefit from Nikon's expertise in digital photography. In this package you also get a wide angle Nikkor glass lens with a 4x optical zoom, Nikon's Smart Portrait System, Nikon's built-in VR Image Stabilization system, 16 Scene Mode selections, and other creative functions.

With Nikon's Smart Portrait System you will be able to take better portrait pictures. In this mode, Nikon incorporates its Smile Timer and Blink Proof function, Blink Warning function, Red-Eye Fix function, Face Priority AF function, and Skin Softening function so you don't have to worry about problems like blurry faces and turning your subject's eyes red when taking portrait pictures. This makes it a true point-and-shoot camera. Your relatives and friends will surely thank you for making them look great in the pictures you've taken.

Nikon's built-in Image Stabilization feature also reduces the production of blurry images due to camera shake. This is very handy to have whether you're a beginner or an advance user. With this technology at work, you will be able to take sharper and clearer shots of fast-moving objects and even night pictures.

The Coolpix S3000 is also capable of recording videos with a resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second (fps) or in a smaller size of 320 x 240 at 30 fps. This is also standard for this camera's price range. Although quite capable of recording a decent video, with the advent of high definition technology, this video resolution is becoming obsolete. If you ask us, we prefer video recording with at least 720p HD resolution. But for amateur photographers who don't really care about capturing videos, this is an added bonus to have with your compact digital camera.

First time digital camera users will love the 16 Scene Mode selections available in the Coolpix S3000 to help you capture better pictures in different settings. Among the few that you might find interesting are the Sports mode, Night Scene mode, and Panorama assist mode. The Sports mode will help you take sharper photos of fast-moving subjects like pictures of athletes playing sports. The Night Scene mode will help you take pictures of night time sceneries. The Panorama assist mode will help you take panoramic pictures of beautiful landscapes.

Nikon Coolpix S3000 Sample Image 1

Nikon Coolpix S3000 Sample Image 2


- 12.0 Megapixels with EXPEED Image processing
- 2.7 inch LCD display
- 640 x 480 at 30 fps movie capture capability
- Nikon's Smart Portrait System
- 4x wide-angle zoom Nikkor glass lens
- Built-in VR Image Stabilization system
- 5 Special Filter effects
- 16 scene mode selection
- SD and SDHC memory card compatible
- ISO Sensitivity from 80-3200


- Slim, compact, and lightweight design
- Simple and easy to use
- Acceptable image quality
- Available in multiple colors to fit your style
- Value for money
- Video recording capability


- Average performance
- Poor image quality at High ISO settings
- Low video recording resolution


The Coolpix S3000 is a value for money compact digital camera that's perfect for first time users or amateur photographers. It's perfect for those who are not that into the technicalities of taking a picture and just wants to point the camera and shoot. Image quality is acceptable and is better than those taken with cell phone cameras. Pictures taken are suitable for small print outs for family photo albums. It's a budget compact digital camera perfect for those who don't have much to spare but already wants to shift to digital photography. It's even suitable for 12 year olds who want to start flexing their creative muscles and is showing a passion for photography. If you do have extra money to spare, we recommend you get a better model that offers more flexibility and better picture and video resolutions.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

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