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Nikon Coolpix S570 Review

The Coolpix series is Nikon's line of compact digital cameras promising to bring to the point-and-shoot market Nikon's excellence in the SLR and digital SLR markets. Nikon conceptualized and designed this series with a simple concept in mind - that photography should bring you joy. Nikon came up with this series for everyone who loves to take pictures and capture precious moments in life and thus preserving the joy forever. The Coolpix S570 is a budget compact digital camera with a compact and ultra slim design. It fits right in your pocket so you can take it anywhere for all those picture perfect moments. Here are the camera's key features:

What distinguishes Nikon compact digital cameras from all the rest is Nikon's vast experience in developing lenses. The Coolpix S570 comes with a Nikkor wide-angle lens that has a 5x optical zoom and can zoom up to 4x digitally. A zoom will come in very handy for shooting small objects or simply for shooting images from a distance. With this zoom you can become an instant stalker. What comes to mind instantly is Aston Kutcher's Nikon TV Ad. Take pictures of your favorite celebrities or your crushes without getting too close to be noticed. Aside from the zoom capability, having a Nikkor lens in your camera also ensures clear and sharp pictures all the time.

The lens is also very good for Macro shooting. You can go as close as 1.2 inches from your subject and still achieve focus. Being able to come closer to your subject means you can capture more details which extend the dramatic effect of your pictures.

The Coolpix S570 also takes great portrait pictures. It incorporates Nikon's Smart Portrait system to achieve this. With this system you can set your camera to wait for your subjects to smile before taking the picture or warn you when the subject may have blinked so you can retake the picture. It also comes with Nikon's face detection and in-camera red eye reduction technology. Aside from these regular features, a new feature introduced in the Coolpix S570 is the Skin Softening feature which smoothes skin tones so your subjects can have better skin complexion. All these guarantees better looking portraits which your family and friends will greatly appreciate.

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Nikon's Image Stabilization system is also very promising. The Coolpix S570 does this in 4 ways. First is it electronically minimizes the effects of camera shake with its Electronic VR Image Stabilization feature. Second is a Motion Detection system that detects moving objects and then automatically adjusts the shutter speed and ISO settings. Third is its High ISO sensitivity of up to 3200 which makes taking pictures at low light easier. And fourth is Nikon's Best Shot Selector system that can automatically take up to 10 shots in a single press. Out of the 10 images taken, the software then selects and saves the sharpest image. All these are very cool to have but we found that it takes a lot of processing time. This is however nothing unusual for compact digital cameras in the same price range and category.

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If you enjoy taking videos from time to time, you will be glad to know that the Coolpix S570 is capable of recording videos with a resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 or 15 frames per second. Most compact digital cameras already support this feature. At a resolution of only 640 x 480, don't expect to capture very clear and crisp videos. This is reasonable for the Coolpix S570's price range but for those who would want to record better quality videos, we suggest you get other compact digital cameras capable of recording videos at at least 720p HD.

Style matters a lot when it comes to compact digital cameras. The Coolpix S570 doesn't come short in this department with its sleek all-aluminum body. The camera is also available in different colors to match your style and preference. You can get it either in black, red, blue, pink, or silver.

The Coolpix S570 is also easy to use. The buttons at the back are large enough for easy access and control. The buttons are properly labeled as well for easy operation. It also comes with a high resolution 2.7 inch LCD display that's perfect for composing and viewing your pictures.

The highlight of every compact digital camera is its Auto Scene Selector feature which automatically recognizes the lighting conditions and adjusts the camera settings to take the best picture for you. We found this feature of the Coolpix S570 to be among the best in the industry. Coupled with a 12.0 megapixel image sensor, the camera produces good quality images.


- 12.0 Megapixels
- Auto ISO up to 3200
- 4 way VR Image Stabilization technology
- 2.7 inch high resolution LCD display
- Compact, stylish, and slim design
- Available in different colors
- Nikon's Smart Portrait System
- 5x Optical zoom wide-angle Nikkor glass lens
- 640 x 480 Video capture capability
- SD and SDHC memory card compatible
- 16 scene mode selection


- Smart Portrait Technology that works
- Good Nikkor lens with 5x optical zoom
- Good quality images
- Available in multiple colors to fit your style
- Inexpensive
- Easy to use controls
- video recording capability


- Average performance
- Poor image quality at High ISO settings
- Low video recording resolution


As a last note, we recommend the Nikon Coolpix S570 for general users who just wants a compact digital camera to capture everyday precious moments without special needs for taking snapshots of fast moving subjects or for recording high quality videos. This camera is perfect for taking pictures of still images like portraits of friends and family members. It is perfect for bloggers and social media fanatics who loves to upload pictures of things they see everyday. However, like most digital cameras in the same price range and category, the Coolpix S570 doesn't do so well when it comes to shooting images of fast moving objects. The video quality is also just average.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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