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Nikon D3100 Review

Another of Nikon's latest dSLR cameras is the new D3100, a followup to the D3000. In addition to its 14.2 effective megapixels resolution, the D3100 is also armed with the advanced CMOS sensor for capturing exceptional subject detail and clear color succession. The CMOS sensor is essential for capturing images or recording full HD movies. Owing to the D3100 sensor's formidable pixel count, the resulting images can have bashing vividness which presents all the refinement of the natural scene with the slightest noise. This is perfect for detailed textures and noise-free backdrop defocus which are complex.

To make better use of Nikon's newest CMOS sensor, they also included the latest EXPEED 2. This most advanced image processing engine is not only for reducing the image's noise but also for revealing brilliantly and naturally colored as well as astonishing still and moving images.

The ISO sensitivity of the D3100 ranges from 100 to 3200. The D3100 allows you to capture fleeting shutter speeds using its highest ISO, lowering the chance of camera-shake blur in poorly lit situations. Even with the absence of either a flash or tripod, you can still come up with invigorating lifelike shots with both twilight and indoor scenes. Furthermore, it is effortless to suspend action in compelling circumstances like kids and pets scene or in case of sports. Nikon D3100's Hi 1 and 2 settings are also incorporated for more flexibility. These settings absolutely increase ISO to an impressive 6400 and 12800 equivalent.

When taking shots under the blazing sunlight, usually the resulting images have intense contrast between bright and shadowed sections thus resulting in the absence of detail and value. The Active D-lighting feature battles this problem efficiently, retaining the crucial details in both dark and illuminated areas. The produced images are ideally exposed that mirrors the natural look of the scene.

With Picture control, you can enhance the creativeness in you. Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape are the six settings available that allows you to decide the appearance of the pictures and full HD moving images before capturing. Sharpness, Brightness, and Contrast as well as saturation can all be maneuvered to your desired settings for added color satisfaction.

For ease of use, the D3100 is equipped with an in-camera Guide Mode that offers step-by-step how tos for customizing the settings. Guide mode also shows example images from each setting so you will know how it looks. Just set the mode dial found on top of the D3100 to GUIDE for you to be able to access Guide Mode. You can then follow the steps from there. Guide Mode offers three shooting way options: Use the Viewfinder, Use Live View, and Shoot Movies. There are also 18 selections for the shoot category that are most beneficial for scenes that has more problems.

Speaking of Scene modes, just set the dial to the desired scene mode. There are 6 scene modes to choose from: Portrait, Landscpe, Child, Sports, Close Up and Night Portrait. Of course, the Scene Auto Selector is also a feature on the D3100 that gives the camera the authority to choose the best mode to perfectly match the current situation. Another aiding feature of the D3100 is the Help Function for viewing the desciption of the recent item on screen. This is especially helpful for first-time dSLR users. The D3100 also offers two Info display formats which are classic and graphic. Both of these formats shows the recent Scene Mode.

The D3100 can be your travel buddy weighing around 505g only including battery and memory card. It is solid and simple to use owing to its comfortably designed grip. Dedicated controls such as Live View are added for additional convenience. Estimatedly, this camera continuously captures 3 frames per second best for moving subjects and catching evasive facial expressions. Conveniently, the D3100 supports optional Eye-Fi SD cards. The advantage of using Eye-Fi cards is that it allows you to transfer photos and movies between camera and PC through wireless LAN, discarding the traditional way of pulling out the card or USB connections. New superimposed indicators and BriteView Clear Matte Mark VII feature offers a neater appearance from nook to nook.

This camera has a new shutter mechanism which are proven and tested to be highly durable. It is best for shooting movies and Live View. The electronic Rangefinder aids in accomplishing right focus speedily. This is best recommended when taking shots in a poorly lit environment. Nikon's Integrated Dust Reduction System deflects dust from damaging the images. Good thing it is included on the D3100's impressive features. During image playbacks, you have the option to select from special transitions array and appealing effects. Fortunately, there are interesting playback options on the D3100 for conveniently editing or viewing photos like Calendar View. Also, the most popular date imprint/stamp is present on the D3100. This camera is powered by the latest Rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL14 that can take 550 frames on a single charge.

The camera's high-speed autofocus reacts instantly to shifts in structure or scene to retain excellent focus and elusive expression and sports. The D3100's performance when it comes to auto white balance is astonishing. Thanks to the Improved Scene recognition system. Its built-in pop-up flash is just amazing because it is enabled immediately if the occasion arises basing on exposure mode or can be activated manually. Resulting images are softer and has a lifelike lighting with its convenient and compelling Speedlight SB-400.

There are a lot of NIKKOR lenses to choose from allowing you to unravel different angles and procure beautiful defocused backdrop. On the other hand, the camera's advanced imaging system promises impressive quality. The latest Subject-tracking AF maintains subjects rightly focused for action sequences. Once the shot is taken, you can see the movies on the 3 inches LCD screen and do basic editing. Thanks to the HDMI compatibility, you can have the D3100 connected to an HDTV for playback.

Bottom line is if you want to experience fun and exciting photography, you should not let Nikon D3100 pass by.


-14.2 megapixels resolution
-ISO sensitivity 100 to 3200
-23.1 x 15.4 mm CMOS sensor
-has Nikon F mount (with AF contacts) for the lens mount
-3 inch LCD monitor

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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