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Nikon D3x Review

What else can we say about this new state-of-the-art D3x release of Nikon? It's expensive, but Nikon D3x manages to squeeze in a lot of value with its over-the-top build and extremely crisp image quality. This Nikon D3x release is not just a upgraded, look-a-like version of the Nikon D3 - it stands by itself a top notch camera.

Nikon D3x is a 25-megapixel, full frame camera. Its high resolution makes it capable of capturing objects with great details and refinements. This D3x is also capable to capture highly dynamic objects. But with incredible image quality comes high file storage needs. Nikon D3x comes with dual CF card slots with overflow (fill one card at a time), back up (record to both), and copy (write raw to one and JPEG to the other) storage options. Its battery can withstand upto 4,400 shots per charge.

D3x's 25MP sensor complements perfectly with great lenses such as 70-200mm F2.8 ED VR II to capture incredible amounts of details. On the other hand, its shutter mechanism is tested and is rated for a lifetime of 300,000 cycles. D3x has the expected shutter lag of about 40 milliseconds. And with continuous shooting, D3x does 5 FPs and 7 FPs with 24 MP and 10 MP resolutions, respectively.

This Nikon D3x comes in a tank-like build that is extremely durable, and can be considered as the most durable created DSLR so far. D3x is identical to its sister D3 in all aspects. They have the same shape, size, weight and the only difference that you will see is just their model logo. D3x can withstand heavy and abusive use with its magnesium alloy body weighing 2 pounds 11 ounces in a 6.3x6.2x3.4inches body dimensions. D3x is also sealed against dust, moisture and electromagnetic radiation.

The clear, bright and accurate 3-inch 921,000-dot LCD of D3x is the highest available resolution so far in any current DSLR. With this extreme resolution, you will surely easily hit the right focus, sometimes even without zooming in - so imagine what more it can do when you use the zoom. The 921k dots or 640x480 resolution is seriously high and even finer resolution than your computer screen. Its viewing angle is upto 170 degrees. D3x, when in standard mode, is limited to 1600 ISO, and allows to reach 6400 ISO when in its extended ISO mode but with controlled noise.

The Autofocus (AF) system of D3x is just really incredible. It is the AF Multicam 3500 FX module with 51 collimators. Its Auto Area works automatically and with good performance when subjects move in and out of the autofocus sensor area. You just need to know where you should be in the 51 point 3D and when you should drop down into one of the Dynamic AF points and let the camera do all the lifting. This camera calculates using its viewfinder cc how it should adjust focus when subject is moved out of the autofocus sensor area. Another magic in the performance of its AF sytem is its capability to tell the lens to move a certain amount to certain direction when it detects any deviation from the focus. Yes! It detects not only how much defocused, but also where the direction of the focus should be. This amazing feature will just make you to adjust the lens to where it should be.

It is totally obvious that you will get the best images you want from the astounding features that D3x has. No other cameras have these! D3x has the worlds most exceptional image quality of all the cameras. D3x will be perfect for commercial photography (like billboards), mural-sized gallery prints, landscape images, wedding photoshoots, sports and active image capturing and a lot more.

Nikon D3x Sample Image 1

Nikon D3x Sample Image 2

Nikon D3x Sample Image 3

Nikon uses EXPEED Processor for its D3x. The processor has 16-bit pipeline which is used to process the 14-bit color data from analog to digital at rapid rate. EXPEED is the one responsible for breathtakingly rich image refinement and noise supression at high ISOs operations. Scene Recognition System, in-camera Lateral Chromatic Aberration Correction, and Active D-Lighting - the features very owned by D3x - are also enabled by EXPEED.

From the specs of D3x that have mentioned, we can see that Nikon really did everything to make every features of D3x correct and astounding to the users - even far more than just an upgraded version of D3. Complexity and feature advancement of the D3x made it impossible to compress it in a small volume, hence, its massiveness and heaviness. But Nikon made D3x comfortable to use. It is made with solid handhold, contoured with rubberized grip, that makes every shooting almost as comfortable as using a lighter weight and smaller camera. D3x's controls are just within reach to make them accessible even to photographers with smaller hands. The ergonomics of D3x prevents fatigue even when used for extended periods of time.

Who will not like this kind of camera? With these a lot of things Nikon D3x can offer, it is what the high end studio photographers are aiming to have.


- 24.5 megapixels FX formt CMOS sensor
- 138 MB processed NEF (RAW) 12 or 14 bit image files
- Two Live View shooting modes (upto 27x magnification)
- Fast, accurate 51-point AF system
- 3-inch super-density 921,000-dot VGA LCD monitor
- Dual CF card slots with overflow, backup and copy options
- Nikon EXPEED image processing technologies


- shoot at any ISO
- pro in every aspect (lots of controls, lots of performance and robust)
- great image quality for greatly demanding applications
- very excellent dynamic range
- absolutely the most durable DSLR
- full-featured Auto-ISO capability
- proper mirror lock-up


- high cost
- dense user-interface
- huge amount of image data output


This Nikon D3x is perfect for professional photographers demanding best resolution, file size and image accuracy on their masterpieces. This D3x can create billboard quality images and large image files.

You will just need to take some getting to used to its mechanism and controls for you to extract the most out of its performance. Nikon D3x is certainly incomparable.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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