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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Review

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 camera has a solid, attractive design and has a set that will make shutterbags notice it. This camera will absolutely pass your standard if you prefer to bring a camera that is more reserved as compared with a dSLR. The DMC-LX3 might pass for DMC-LX2's twin when speaking of physique style, performance and better image quality. However, it is still quite a bit short all in all compared with some camera models.

The Panasonic DMC-LX3 weighs 9.1 ounces with a 4.3 inches wide, 2.5 inches in height and 2 inches deep. Take note that the lens is retracted with these measurements. The LX3 is generally solid and can fit easily in a coat pocket. There is a little bit asserted cinch on the front and a little corrugated area on the rear for resting the thumb however, this looks not a bit adequate. It seems like that the camera is going to slide off the hand and it is better to have a firmer hold and so all the buttons will be concealed. Due to the abscence of an optical viewfinder, the LX3 can maintain its slender style.

Found on top of the camera is the hot shoe a feature that the DMC-LX2 does not have. Also on the top are the on/off switch, flash that pops up, zoom button, focus point selector button and the mode dial. The dial does have two slots for cutomizing the settings in addition to the PASM, movie capture and scene modes that were all features in the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3's predecessors.

Same with the the development from Auto to Panasonic's Intelligent Auto mode. The DMC-LX3 can save 4 bunch of of settings even though it only has two slots.The first slot, C1 will have one set and the second slot, C2 will get three sets. This is an engrossing proposition that departs one present immediately achievable even though shifting between the others needs a course into the camera's menus.

One can physically tune between aspect ratios through a button seated at the upper part of the lens. On the other hand, the buttons for AF, AF Macro and MF modes dashes on the left portion of the DMC-LX3's lens. The aspect ratio causes selecting the HD movie capture mode quite awkward when adjusting to 4:3 then options for HD movies are not possible. Because at under full resolution, the non 4:3 aspect modes are all crops. This is not advisable though.

Other controls are located next to the vivid, imbued wide-aspect 3 inc LCD screen on the rear portion of the camera. The buttons controls are tiny however, they shift and the joystick has an accessible-feel and easy to maneuver unless your fingers are huge.

The outline is pretty much the same like its predecessors but a lock button for AF/AE is and added attribute on the Panasonic DMC-LX2. There are also the capture/playback button, Quick Menu button/joystick, burst shooting buttons and display. The joystick is very likeable but if used as a button, it is not that quick to react. This joystick needs many presses to for it to recognize and haul up the menu. The four-switch navigation pad that encircles the button for the Menu has buttons especially intended for the self-timer, exposure compensation and flash.

The user-customizable function button is the fourth button which can be maneuvered to do a fast review, set film mode, ISO sensitivity, metering , AF mode, white balance and intelligent exposure. For a wide selection of preset combinations like contrast, saturation, sharpness, and noise reduction settings, the Film mode is the right mode to go to. You can also store two custom array. Also, the Multi Film mode, stores three alternatives of a single image with the three film settings chosen by the user.

The features of this camera maintains so draggy. Landscapes can even shift if it takes adequately distant. In addition, the LX3 has lesser pixels to deal with. It takes around 2 seconds from start of the camera to first shot which is fair enough. From focus to capturing an image under maximum situations, the camera is rated 0.6 seconds. 1.1 seconds for situations with low contrast which is quite too high for the camera's price. For shot to shot performance, the LX3 takes 1.9 seconds which is good however other models can do better. Using a flash, it takes about 2.5 seconds between capturing images which is not normal. For burst shooting, it achieves around 1.9 frames per second.

The lens is the greatest improvement between the LX3 and LX2 cameras. The lens of the LX3 can go from a draggish 4x 28-112mm equivalent to a wide and accelerated however abridged 2.5x F2. 0-2.8 24-60mm equivalent. It is up to you if you prefer to compromise longer lens versatility over vivid, and clearer but shorter images.

The latest sensor of the LX3 has larger photodiodes that enhances sensitivity to almost 40 percent. Take note that the highest ISO skips a halt to ISO 3,200 from 1, 600. In addition, the sensor has a boosted saturation by 35 percent. This is because of the high noise level issues of the Lumix LX2. In relation with advancing to the newest rendition of its Venus Engine imaging processor, the noise is decreased for a better image quality. Overall, the images of the LX3 are clear and well-saturated.

It is not necessary to take shots anywhere above ISO 800 even though the LX3 supports up to ISO 3, 200. To achieve the ultimate images, keep the ISO to 400 or below. The LX3 all in all underexposes, which can be atoned and while the hue is satisfactory, outdoor white balance is likely to be etremely refreshing. Fair is equal to movie quality. Just like some other camera models, optical zoom is not an option while capturing movies and a wind filter for the microphone is used on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Sample Image 1

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Sample Image 2


-10.1 megapixels resolution
-4x digital zoom
-50 MB internal memory and supports multimedia/SD memory card
-MEGA O.I.S. Optical Image Stabilizer
-1/2000 second maximum shutter speed


-Lens are clear and sharp
-solid but agreeable layout
-Manual shooting feature set is wide


-Quick Menu button is generally not responsive
-Optical zoom not an option during movie capture
-optical viewfinder is optional


Bottom line is, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 is the ultimate camera for those who constantly travels after getting acquainted with its features.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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Amazon$367.19 (Cheapest Price)

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