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Sigma SD14 Review

Sigma is known for its three-layer sensor from Foveon. With the latest Sigma SD14, 4.7 megapixels are incorporated on each three layer sensor. Sigma company launches the SD14 as a 14.1 megapixel camera however patronizers of Sigma says that the sensor produces more exceptional accuracy in colors compared with other sensors out there like CMOS or CCD.

Speaking of design and built, the SD14 is much the same like that of the SD10, still from Sigma. Its design is not the most attractive yet it does its job and has a grip which is smooth and streamlined. The compact button controls are reasonably well-placed that is easy for the fingers or hands to reach. For choosing the Drive mode and Exposure mode, just use the two dials on top of the SD14. The drive dial also serves as the power switch. Although, the sides of the dials are bumpy for giving a satisfactory grip, there is still a chance that the dials will be accidentally turned on.

The controls for the menus look like they are fitted for a point and shoot camera than to an expensive dSLR. This is quite unsatisfactory. For the ISO, image size and image quality menu, just press the button once and then to alter each setting, just press one of the four-way control buttons. The Sigma SD14 lets you to circuit onward with all the available options for the ISO instead of going through left or right on the choices like some camera models. Press the controller four times going up after pushing the button to be able to go to the menu.

For settings not included in the four way menu that are intended for shooting, you can adjust them by constantly pressing the Func button. Meaning, if you prefer to actuate the ISO range to shoot at ISO 1, 600, the Func button must be pressed 7 times and on the seventh, hold the button down. The selector dial that encircles the shutter button must be circuited to alter the setting. Take note that the mode dials for exposure and drive are more than one half depleted of their achievable click impediments. The functions could have been effortlessly incorporated on the dials instead of going through the hassle of pressing more than once for a single setting.

This camera has less engrossing and never been experienced features outside of the SD14's sensor. The IR-cut filter of this camera is removable and allows you to put the rightly needed IR-photography filter on the front lens then lets you capture photos in IR. For information, IR-cut filter are helpful to eliminate light infrared spectrum that hinders a camera's potential to take shots that are greatly desired. The Sigma SD14 is one of the few digital cameras out there that allows you to shoot IR photos.

The LCD of the Sigma SD14 is a 2.5 inched sized monitor and a little frustrating than what is expected. Nowadays, the typical size for the dSLR LCD screens are 3 inch yet this camera only has 2.5 inch and only has 150, 000 pixels considering that almost cameras of its category already has the 230, 000 pixels. Several point and shoot camera's are much better than the SD14 when it comes to LCD screen. The reviewed images have a rough feel to them in some areas because of the camera's lower resolution yet a camera's LCD is not that reliable when speaking of image accuracy.

The Sigma SD14 camera will refine the images taken and produce the accepted JPEG images even with the lack of a computer. Yet, the SD14 is not capable of capturing both JPEG and RAW files at the same time not like a number of its competition.

Given its price, the camera's performance, is not that excellent. It times 1.8 second from powering on to its first JPEG shot. With out using the flash, it takes 0.8 seconds between JPEG shots and 1.5 seconds using the flash. The Sigma SD14 takes 0.9 seconds between shots if shooting RAW images. Take note that this is without the use of the flash. For the shutter lag, the camera takes 0.7 second in a bright environment and 1.4 second in poorly lit situations. At an average of 2.3 frames per second, the camera can shoot the maximum resolution and image quality in continuous shooting mode.

Moving to higher ISOs, the camera's image quality corrupts greatly however, with the right levels, the SD14 can produce very satisfactory photos. Hues seem a little accurate and white balance is all in all balanced under ISO 100 or 200. Red and orange colors are apparently a bit oversaturated. Aside from noticing increase in noise, there is also a change in the whole color form as the ISO is heightened. A vigilant viewer will observe that particular hues like skin tones seem quite accurate with this camera compared with models that features CMOS or CCD sensor.

In areas where shadow is prominent, the Sigma SD14 casts its noise more levelly throughout the hues. The noise also seemed to exhibit pale smudge with sides that are less defined compared with the spots that comes out in some SLR cameras. Noise are apparent at ISO 200 however, it is not that obvious on monitors. Noise increase considerably at ISO 400 while the dynamic range, shadow and finer detail are generally decreased. Noise are more distinguishable at ISO 800 going on a constricted, more grain-like squeal at the same time onwardly breaking at dark and clearer detail. Saturation of greens are more obvious and unstable changes in colors in some areas of the color spectrum. Noise are very apparent with pale smudges and colors green loses its saturation, almost. It is recommended then to use ISO 400 or below.

Sigma SD14 Sample Image 1

Sigma SD14 Sample Image 2


-14 megapixels resolution
-2.5 in TFT active matrix LCD display
-Optical - Fixed eye-level pentaprism viewfinder
-Sigma SA Lens System Mounting
-supports RAW and JPEG


-IR-cut filter is removable best for infrared photography
-4.7 megapixels on each three-layer sensor
-high dynamic range


-generally, it has a pokey performance
-noise are very obvious at ISOs 800 and 1600
-design not that impressive


The Sigma SD14 is best for landscape and studio shots as well as infrared but must maintain under ISO 400. Also this camera will be a perfect choice if you want to have a removable IR-cut filter in a digital SLR.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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