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Sony Cybershot DSC-W350 Review

Animosity among point-and-shoot cameras nowadays are quite menacing. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350 is small with a compact built and a fine 26mm-equivalent wide angle f2.7 lens. It also features an optical image stabilization with a 4x zoom, 2.7 inch LCD screen and a mode for HD movie.

In addition, it is petite and good-looking and has trusty selections perfect for shooters on the go. Speaking of performance, generally it is combined. However, satisfactory when necessary and image quality is very satisfactory if one can hold the boundaries of a 14 megapixel solid camera. Images are operative at ISOs 800 and 1, 600 yet for those who are anticipating for acquainting a very satisfactory snapshot, this camera may just be an option and not the best choice.

This camera comes in colors black, blue silver and pink. The W350 's body is light when it comes to weight and adequately firm to fit in most pantpockets or petite bags. The front portions is made of metal with micro concentric creases making a little coarseness that enhances clasp. Along with other 2010 Cyber-shot cameras, the DSC-W350 supports SD and SDHC memory cards. A door which is lockable secures the card slot and battery compartment. However it is quite a hassle since you need to remove the battery when charging. The camera includes a tiny piece of software for transferring pictures and movies to the computer even though the internal memory is limited.

Speaking of controls, they are direct to the point. The On/Off button as well as the shutter release button is seated on top of the camera. These buttons are even with the top panel. Some users might need to look on the camera to find these button even though they can be effortlessly pressed. On the right rear portion of the camera beside the vivid yet not the best LCD are the rest of the camera controls.

Some users might have find the zoom rocker quite dainty that is situated on top of the thumbrest. A vertical slider is situated on the rightmost part of the camera switching from shooting still images to panoramas then to movies. The rest of the job are managed by the Playback, Menu, and Delete buttons as well as the spherical directional pad.

The directional pad can also switch flash and timer capacities aside from maneuvering the menus. Also it can shift display information and initiate smile detection. Sony's menu system keeps relatively reasonable and not complex in contrast with its other models before the interface adjustment.

If you prefer tweaking the settings, the sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W350 is not the best camera for you. However, it has some few controls that you can tinker on. The Program Auto allows you to set ISO, White Balance, Autofocus Points, Light Metering and Exposure Values and manage the quantity of Sony's Dynamic Range Optimization adopted for saving details in shadows.

To make trustworthy images with no need of any alteration, you can make use of the Intelligent Auto Scene however there are a few selections still accessible like the settings for exposure and face detection priorities. The Easy mode removes all the options with the exception for the size of the image and makes the texts on the screen bigger. Beach, Snow, Food, Pet and Underwater are few of the selections under the 10 scene shooting options. For fast and effortless panoramic images whether horizontally or vertically, Sony's version of Sweep Panorama feature is also available on the DSC-W350.

Sony Cybershot DSC-W350  Sample Image 1

Sony Cybershot DSC-W350  Sample Image 2

However enjoyable, the produced images are not satisfactory enough as compared with the results of the Sony's Exmor R-based models. Just think of them as images for either use on the Web or prints which are very tiny. The Movie Mode captures at resolutions till 720p High definition. Aside from the capability of recording sound with the use of the mono mic, you can also use the optical zoom while recording HD videos which is a good thing.

Shutter lag of the DSC W350 is under average. In a well lit environment, the camera takes 0.4 second from pressing the shutter release to taking a shot. While 0.7 second in low-light situations for the shutter lag. The W350 is pretty fast when it comes to continuous shooting for its category rated at 1.9 frames per second. The camera takes 1.9 seconds from start up to taking first shot which is fine. However it is quite draggy between shots since it takes 3.1 seconds with no use of the flash and 3.9 seconds otherwise. These results are best for portraits, landscapes and still subjects.

The resulting image quality taken from this camera is satisfactory especially with its price. However, there are still underlying issues to talk to. When capturing shots outside and well-lit situations, the W350 can produce invariably excellent photos. From ISO 80, the sensitivities goes to 3, 200. Take note however that at ISO 200, the usefulness of prints above than 8x10 inches decreases off. This is due to images seen at whole size have noise that comes more apparent as sensitivities increase even at ISO 80. You can have images that looks delicate. Maintain the ISO to the lowest possible if you want to have prints lager that 4x6inches. ISO 1,600 is still operative for tiny prints or sharing online as long as there is less cropping.

Sony Cybershot DSC-W350  Sample Image 3

The 14-megapixel is the perfect resolution for a decent quantity of room for cropping images. Yet the camera's pictures are overall soft and insufficient in admirable detail at full size but not including macro shots. Sony suggests to have 13x19 inch prints for the DSC-W350.Barrel distortion is controllable and there is no indication of purple fringing at the long end of the zoom too. The quantity of pincushioning is typical for its category. Sharpness in the middle is relatively satisfactory using this camera however sides are soft apparently. Colors are vivid and lifelike looking and accurately logical. However, blue colors look to be beefed up quitely. Going to underexposed, exposure is overall satisfactory yet highlights are not immune to clipping.

Quality of the video is also satisfactory and the capability of 4x optical zoom while capturing video is just good. You can be able to view images on an HDTV however there is a proprietary rights to the cable that plugs to the terminal found on the camera's base.


-14 .1 megapixels resolution
-4x optical zoom
-2.7 inch LCD screen
-ISO sensitivity from 80 to 3200
-Optical image Stabilizer
-45 MB internal memory and supports SD/Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo


-Simple controls
-can use optical zoom while recording movies
-26mm-equivalent wide-angle lens


-noisy images at full size
-all in all soft images
-proprietary component cable for HDTV


The Sony Cyber-shot DSC W350 camera is a perfect camera for shooting under well-lit situations and for landscapes and portraits. This camera is best suited for people on the go and likes less controls. Its petite and attractive look is just irresistible.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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