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Sony DSC-HX5V Review

Sony's Cyer-shot DSC-HX5V has a lot to offer if you have the willingness and patience to have its full advantage. This lightweight, compact camera has a 10.2 megapixel resolution and an excellent performance when it comes to shooting and low-light image quality. Sony took advantage of its Exmor R CMOS sensor, Bionz image processor and Sony G lens on the DSC-HX5V to give that impressive shooting low-light quality and shooting performance.

The produced images of this camera however are not that sharp because of its megazoom lens and noise reduction capacity. Don't fret though because the pictures are still decent and the boastful low-light pictures are great if compared to other camera models out there. With a low shutter lag, burst mode that can take up to 10 frames per second and short shot to shot times, you would be having second thoughts to let this camera pass by. The Sony DSC-HX5V is accompanied with helpful and useful features too like the built-in GPS receiver and compass for an example. In general, this camera is still worth the purchase because of its amazing compact megazoom but just like any other point-and-shoots, do not expect too much from the pictures.

The Sony DSC-HX5V is just your typical rectangular camera with an additional huge brandname on the left side of the lens. Your fingers has something to hold on to because of the cylindrical grip on the right part of the camera. The DSC-HX5V body is lightweight and very solid taking note that it has a wide-angle lens and long zoom. It appears that most of its weight comes from the lens and battery pack. For its lens, Sony used the Sony G lens which are for Sony's dSLR cameras and High Definition camcorders. In general, the DSC-HX5V is not that absolute when it comes to design but pretty much likeable.

The shooting mode dial of the camera is found on top as well as the power button, burstshot button to turn it on and off, and the shutter release and zoom ring. The burst and power buttons are even with the camera's body. Without looking, you might find the buttons hard to locate and find yourself confused figuring which is the correct button. The openings for the stereo mic are also found on top.

If you are inattentive, there is a possiblity that the stereo mics will be blocked by your fingers because they are on the left farmost part. The flash on the right side of the front can also be concealed by a heedless finger. On the rear side is the magnificent 3-inch LCD display and the rest of the camera controls. No need to change shooting modes when you want to take videos because a devoted movie record button is found at the back.

The directional pad with select button at the middle, delete button, menu button and playback button are found just below the movie record button. The directional pad activates the smile-and timer-activated shutter release options adjacent with the navigating menus. Same thing with changing the settings of the flash, LCD brightness as well as the display information. The icons are etched in the pad making them a hard to see in a dim environment which is not impressive.

Going to the camera's performance, the Sony DSC-HX5V is wow! It is brilliant. At a bright environment, shutter lag is at less than 0.4 second which is very low. While in a dim condition, the camera is at 0.8 second which is more than average for its kind. Without the use of the flash, shot to shot is at an average of 1.5 seconds. The high-speed burst mode can take up 10 frames/secod at a full resolution which is 10.2 megapixel however after taking a shot, you need to wait for a few more seconds to take another shot. This is because the buffer memory is still clearing. The camera is fast for its kind since it takes at 1.8 seconds for its first shot.

In general, the image quality of the Sony DSC-HX5V is excellent. At the camera's lowest ISO setting which is at 125, not really that low, photos are all in all soft and not sharp. A product of the combination of the lens and noise reduction. Once you achieve ISO 400, a typical setting for indoor images, picture details are doughy due to noise reduction. Advantageously, noise is not a problem until you reach to ISO 3,200.

This simply implicates that you will be able to get good and useful shots if you are planning to use it in smaller prints or Web. Just take note that this is applicable in really low lighting conditions if using ISO 3,200. But probably, you still do not like to print images from the Sony DSC-HX5V bigger than 13x19 inches even if there is still a lot of light.

Sony DSC-HX5V Sample Image 1

Sony DSC-HX5V Sample Image 2

Sony DSC-HX5V Sample Image 3

The Sony DSC-HX5V is not the best camera if you are looking for accurate colors. The colors are good to look at and very vivid but still the fact remains that they are not accurate. There is no way to change, alter or adjust them using the camera. Exposure is very satisfactory but is prone to blowing out when it comes to highlights.

The high-dynamic range mode of the Sony DSC-HX5V can be useful when getting the correct balance of the light and dim portions of a particular scene. In high contrasts, purple fringing can be seen thus, the camera is at low average of its kind when speaking of high contrasts. The images taken using the Sony DSC-HX5V are not that sharp but sharpness is still agreeable.

Sony DSC-HX5V Sample Image 4

Sony DSC-HX5V Sample Image 5

Sony DSC-HX5V Sample Image 6

The Sony DSC-HX5V is worth contemplating if you are looking for a compact superzoom camera with a nice shooting performance and low-light quality. Even if improvements can still be made when talking of sharpness and accuracy in colors, the image product of the camera is overall very satisfactory. Also, The Sony DSC-HX5V is a considerable camera if you are only into a decent snapshot. To get the best out of the DSC-HX5V, you need to do your part also by thoroughly reading the manual and tweaking the different settings and shooting options of the camera. However, the Intelligent Auto mode is trustworthy if you prefer not following the advises.

View the sample video below if you're interested in the video quality.


-10.2 megapixel
-10x optical zoom
-3 inch LCD display
-supports JPEG/MPEG-4 AVCHD
-Optical and Digital Image Stabilization
-compatible with Memory Stick Pro Duo; SD/SDHC cards


-Shooting performance is fast
-excellent low-light photo quality for its class
-lightweight design


-still and moving images are soft
-limited manual controls
-GPS can't be quickly powered on or off.


The Sony DSC-HX5V is best suited for those who have cash to burn. With the camera's quick response it is also well-suited for those who prefer shooting performance, low-light quality and does not care a bit about sharpness and limited controls.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Lowest Price: Amazon for $339.99.
Note: This is a 3% off Amazon coupon and one of the best deals for the Sony DSC-HX5V.

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Amazon$339.99 (Cheapest Price)
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