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Sony DSC-W330 Review

The Sony DSC-W330 14 megapixel camera features a "smarter" iAuto exposure system that actuates the scene, the lighting, and even faces. This camera is pocketable and easy to carry. With an inexpensive price, the camera features might be worth the investment.

The Sony DSC-W330 is a compact and lightweight digital camera. It comes in silver, black, blue, and red colors. Although the body is made of plastic, it doesn't look cheap and the front comes with a thin brushed metal plate. The good thing with 2010 Sony Cybershots is it accepts SD and SDHC cards already and that includes the Sony DSC-W330. Compartments for battery and cards are secured by a door which is lockable. Battery needs to be removed for charging which is quite a hassle. It only has 28 MB for the internal memory however it keeps a tiny piece of software for fast photo and movie uploads to sharing sites when it is connected to a Windows or MAC OS computers.

Controls are direct to the point. The power and shutter release buttons are found on the top portion of the camera. Most users might need to look to locate these buttons eventhough they can be pressed without difficulty. At the rear are the rest of the controls including the fairly bright but not admirable LCD display. On the right are the navigating menus in addition to Playback, Menu, Delete as well as a round directional pad that manages all other tasks. Sony's menu systems stay fairly senseful and easy to use compared with its cameras interface changes way back.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W330 is mostly automatic but it does not mean that it won't allow for setting control. ISO, white balance, autofocus points, light metering, exposure values and controlling the amount of Dynamic Range Optimization (for saving shadow detail) is adjustable in the Program Auto.Without any changes in the Intelligent Auto scene recognition mode, the camera produces good results.

Exposure, burst shot, smile detection sensitivity are some of the other options that can also be adjusted. In Easy Mode, all options are taken away excluding image size and onscreen text which can be enlarged. 10 scene-shooting modes are available and that includes High ISO, Underwater, and Pet. SteadyShot mode is also an option however it does not have optical or mechanical image stabilization. It only adjusts ISO sensitivity and shutter speed for battling camera shake and blurriness in moving images. Optical zoom for recording is not an option and Movie mode is at VGA quality with a mono mic for audio.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W330 is somewhat a fast camera for its kind. Take note however that it is still appropriate for immobile subjects. The W330 takes 1.8 seconds from startup to capturing a first shot. Shot intervals are between 2.6 seconds and if you are using a flash, add about another second. Shifting to continous shooting takes at 1.1 frames/second. For shutter lag in bright conditions it is 0.4 seconds and 0.7 second in dim lighting.

Pictures taken from the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W330 are satisfactory to very satisfactory. If taking pictures outdoors, the results are fantastic. Images come out sharp and the colors are natural. Speaking of indoors, it is almost the same as with outdoors. It is better to use flash when taking stolen shots as compared to using the available light. However this is quite subjective since it would base on how fault-finding you are when it comes to image quality from a $170 camera.

Looking at a full size images, noise or granininess are visible at all ISO sensitivenes but has a rather less blow if going lower than ISO 200. Images may become deficient in definition and gets out of focus as well as losing excellent detail if you go to higher ISOs but on small sizes, pictures are operative till ISO 800. Above ISO 800, hues starts to change with the integration of noise and noise reduction thus, pictures are bad . It is advisable not to use ISO 1, 600 or 3,200, it might be worse.

Sony DSC-W330 Sample Image 1

Sony DSC-W330 Sample Image 2

Sony DSC-W330 Sample Image 3

Despite of the 14 megapixel resolution, cropping that much is not possible if planning to have huge prints which is a great discouragement. The still images taken by the W330 are deficit in detail and mainly soft when seen at full size excluding images in macro. Sony only suggests to print up to 13x19 inches using the W330 although it makes 45x60-inch pictures.

Sony DSC-W330 Sample Image 4

Sony DSC-W330 Sample Image 5

Sony DSC-W330 Sample Image 6

If referring to the wide-angle lens, there is no indication of distortion. The purple binding is normal for a camera in its category. Middle sharpness is somewhat nice but soft in the corners. Colors are vivid,natural looking and fairly accurate but blue colors look to be a little blowed out. Flash setting and Auto white balance looks infinitesimally warm. Exposure is overall nice drooping toward underexposed. Highlights are susceptible to clipping though. Videos are fitted for sharing on the Web and turned out fine. You can record motion pictures through VGA (640x480) or QVGA (320x240) resolutions. This includes audio.

Sample video is below if you're interested in recording videos.


-14 megapixels resolution
-3-inch LCD display, 230K dots/None
-f2. 7-5.7-1055mm (35mm equivalent) aperture,focal length
-4x optical zoom
-iAuto Smile Shutter
-Face Detection,
-SteadyShot image stabilization


-Easy to operate
-trusty autoshooting
-large LCD display
-26mm-equivalent wide-angle lens


-no option for Optical Image Stabilization
-Optical zoom is no use in Video mode
-no panorama option
-lower-quality noise reduction
-no manual white balance


With a street price, the W330 is a good value for money. The Sony DSC-W330 is for people who are looking for an inexpensive camera with good image quality, and which is very easy to use.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Where to Buy It:

Lowest Price: Amazon for $147.00.
Note: This is a 14% off Amazon coupon and one of the best deals for the Sony DSC-W330.

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Amazon$147.00 (Cheapest Price)
Abes of Maine$148.95
PCConnection Express$149.95
Best Buy$149.99
New Egg$164.99
Tiger Direct$169.99
Circuit City$169.99
Camera Kings$179.95

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